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Birth Stories

While I was pregnant, mothers I knew were suddenly very keen to share their birth story. It isn't something I expected, but I really loved it! I felt so honoured to hear the  intimate details of their journeys and I found it very beautiful and fascinating. It really helped me prepare more deeply for what was coming. A picture was painted for me, of a concept I absolutely could not relate to at all yet and I was very grateful for that gentle initiation. I was hungry for more stories and so I searched for some within books and videos. I wanted to be open to all of the versions out there so that I could feel prepared for anything! I have gathered a few here from my local island community. It feels important to hear each other, and to remember how powerful we are while simultaneously being unable to control much at all. I hope what you receive from reading these is a sense of community and sisterhood. As mothers, we are forever bonded together through this shared experience.
A big warm thank you to all who contributed. ~
Pregnant Photography
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