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One of my greatest passions is growing medicinal herbs. I have my own established organic medicinal garden, which keeps expanding as my curiosities and discoveries grow. I enjoy being with my plants very much and communing with them. The ingredients in my medicines are from this very garden as much as possible. Some of my favourites I find in the wild, like Hawthorn, Wild rose, Nettles, and Poplar buds. I harvest these with reverence and sustainably. I also happen to have lots of gardening friends and I often turn to Wild Folk Herb Farm. They grow a wide variety of organic herbs and often have gems I am not currently growing myself such as Wood betony and Angelica.

Herbal and self-care offerings

Iron Syrup
Syrup crafted using organic local in season ingredients to help restore iron levels after childbirth or heavy periods. High in vitamins & minerals. 250 mls

Herbal Tinctures
Fresh organic tinctures. Inquire for what is available. Often crafted to help support the nervous and endocryne system. Postpartum remedies often available.
100 mls ~ $30
50 mls ~ $20

    Thai Massage Bundle
Receive an in home restorative thai yoga massage, 250mls iron syrup, 100 mls postpartum tincture.

Thai Yoga Massage
Thai massage is a great way to restore the body. It can help balance your mood, increase circulation, relax your mind and body. It makes you feel as good as after a yoga class but without having to do any of the work!
Mondays between 5:30-8:30~ Salt Spring Island only
60-90 minutes
Inquire for rates. Sliding scale available for single income families

For bookings and enquiries please email



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