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One of my greatest passions is growing medicinal herbs. I have my own established organic medicinal garden, which keeps expanding as my curiosities and discoveries grow. I enjoy being with my plants very much and communing with them. The ingredients in my medicines are from this very garden as much as possible. Some of my favourites I find in the wild, like Hawthorn, Wild rose, Nettles, and Poplar buds. I harvest these with reverence and sustainably. I also happen to have lots of gardening friends and I often turn to Wild Folk Herb Farm. They grow a wide variety of organic herbs and often have gems I am not currently growing myself such as Wood betony and Angelica.

Herbal and self-care offerings

    Thai Massage Bundle
Receive an in home restorative thai yoga massage, 250mls iron syrup, 100 mls postpartum tincture.

Phone call
I am not a therapist, but I'm a great listener. I've gathered wisdom and tools through experience. If you need to vent or cry or simply chat with someone who can probably relate, let's talk! Initial 15 min phone call free.

Iron Syrup
Syrup crafted using organic local in season ingredients to help restore iron levels after childbirth or heavy periods. High in vitamins & minerals. 250 mls

Postpartum Tincture
Fresh organic tincture to help bring the nervous system back to a balanced state. Safe while breastfeeding. Ingredients: Milky Oats, Motherwort, Wild rose, Nettles, Tulsi, Brandy.
100 mls ~ $30
50 mls ~ $20

Thai Yoga Massage
Thai massage is a great way to restore the body. It can help balance your mood, increase circulation, relax your mind and body. It makes you feel as good as after a yoga class but without having to do any of the work!
Mondays between 5:30-8:30
60-90 minutes

For bookings and enquiries please email



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