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Herbal vinegars & honeys

As a busy mom, I love sneaking as much nutritional value within our family's food as possible, the simplest ways possible! Sneaking fresh in season herbs in apple cider vinegar or raw honey is a really wonderful and delicious way to add vitamins and minerals within your everyday staples. Make sure you are gathering fresh organic herbs. I love to have some growing in my garden at all times. There is nothing more satisfying than watching my son go along with his outdoor play while nibbling on green things all day long. Most kitchen herbs and "weeds" are very easy to grow even in pots!

As for wildly foraging herbs such as nettles, dandelion and chickweed, you wanna make sure they are growing in healthy soil that you are familiar with. Do not harvest near roadsides or places with potential toxins in the soil. And I usually stay away from herbs and edible flowers found in local parks because they could be sprayed with chemicals or pet urine!

Herbal Vinegar

To make a mineral vinegar you will need organic apple cider vinegar and fresh organic herbs and/or edible flowers. My favourite herbs for vinegars are mint, plantain, dandelion (flowers and leaves), chickweed, borage, nettles and rosemary.

Slice, chop or tear your herbs.

Fill about 3/4 jar with your plant material.

Cover with apple cider vinegar, stirring gently to make sure all plant material is covered.

Place the lid on (if using metal lid, line it first with wax paper to keep it from corroding)

Label your jar with ingredients and date.

Store your jar in a cool dark place for 10-30 days.

Strain and leave in the fridge. Consume within 6 months.

Herbal Honey

Same as above except using unpasteurized honey ideally from a local sustainable source.

If the honey isn't liquid enough to pour and stir with a chopstick, you can warm it by placing the jar in a warm water bath on the stove top. Never bring the water to a boil.

Make sure all the plant material is covered with honey.

Let the honey macerate the herbs by a sunny window for 2-6 weeks.

You must liquify once more before straining.

I love keeping the left over marc (used plant material) and eating it or baking with it! Especially rose petals! mmm I just eat them up or top deserts with them. Yum.

My favourite herbs to use in honey are roses, lavender, lilac flowers, violets and elecampane root!

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